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Tech Assistant

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My name is Mimi. I'm a receptionist and vet tech assistant here at Pet Health Plus. I can be found working at the front desk processing invoices, talking with clients, and wrangling your pets. I spent a couple of decades as a substitute teacher after graduating from Wright State University with a BS in environmental sciences and a BA in anthropology and archaeology. After COVID hit I found myself looking for a new job. I have known Dr. Feula and her family for many years both personally and as our veterinarian. So, I was excited to join the PHP staff to expand my knowledge and help with the care of pets in and around Delaware! I truly enjoy meeting all the animals and seeing them feel better.
My favorite animal is a 3-way tie for first place between dogs, wolves, and horses. A fun fact about myself is once I (accidentally) stood within 10ft of a bison (which can easily outrun a racehorse) and lived to tell the tale!

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