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Veterinary Telemedicine For Your Pet

What is Petriage?

  • FREE and easy-to-use Mobile App
  • Gives pet parents 24/7 access to real-time results and recommendations
  • Evaluates pet symptoms based on a four-point scale: Non-threatening, Worrisome, Urgent, and Emergency
  • Helps pet parents make informed decisions about how to address concerns regarding their pet's health 
  • CLICK HERE to sign up and create your pet's health profile

Please note:
Access to the symptom analysis feature is 100% free.

There is a $40 fee (per use) to access the video chat or text messaging feature.  This feature gives you the ability to interact directly with Dr. Feula regarding your pet. If it is determined that you need to schedule an appointment for an office visit, that $40 fee will be deducted from your visit. 

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